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 I regret to inform the regular  readers and visitors to this website that Olaf Childress Editor of TFF has passed away on July 20 2018, there will be no furthor issues of this great publication, he was a great man who inspired all who knew him

may he rest in peace


A Thank you from Olaf


Semper fi!


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The feds are onto us terrorists


Speech and religion were already ours
back when FDR named “Four Freedoms.”
But he would whip hunger, fear and oppression,
abstaining forever from Europe’s wars.

When politicians lie, the State bites off
what only individuals can chew.
It’s time we recovered
those powers not delegated.

   Here are some articles from back issues of a tabloid paper called “racist” by the most inbred race in the world.  TFF covers the C.S.A. like white on grits, emphasis  White.  Outside the South and across the seven seas folks read it with awe.

Caveat lector!

We can win

   The direct path of honor ‚ stating one’s true feelings ‚ was barricaded when our media fell to the enemy in the 1960s. We travel circuitous routes today, policed by systemites who can’t admit whom they serve. To receive the next 12 monthly issues of this right-wing “extremist” 24-page tabloid newspaper anywhere in the C.S.A. or U.S., send $25 Federal Reserve Notes, check, money order or one silver dollar to TFF, ***. We don’t use credit cards or PayPal.

Too late!
It’s out of the bag!

What every
cat is

By Joseph Rorie

Students of all ages can prowl with “The Cat Man” as he chases down these clues to unresolved crimes of a century-and-a-half ago.
(It’s a large PDF) : Enter here

Richmond   Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4

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   To study more than 1,000 additional sites whose research confirms our case, type into your search engine the words “14th amendment” and “never ratified.”


   There where we lost it is the place to retake our country. Each town should boast at least one newspaper that honors its past. If your chamber, dentist, doctor, eatery, city hall, post office and the local paper are plastered with images of third world types doing ’possum grins (they are), it’s time to shock your own folks back into the real world with