Shortest journey, taking out garbage, starts with first step

By Olaf Childress

We must recognize that a Primal Law – unable even itself to rewrite the history of what has gone before – is universal. Omar poignantly tells us, “The moving finger writes; and, having writ, moves on: nor all thy piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.”

Chaos – the mere absence of any order in which to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – is our lot when lies and vulgarity enter houses, emails, school textbooks, amusements and reputations. If we lighten that trashy load before suffocating under its bulk but others do not, the law that damns their negligence outright won’t spare even ourselves; we’ll get a measure of punishment for temporary lapses as well. So let’s kneel each morning in a meditative hour, clean up past thoughts before facing the inevitable provocations this day brings: natural challenges which make or break us. Some claim life is unfair, but that’s just an excuse for not taking out the garbage polluting their minds. As you move among those who habitually ignore nature’s rules, do not join them in singing “Everybody’s Beautiful” – patently a lie – nor accept the copout “compassion” about a “worldwide brotherhood.” All people are not equal. Nor is everything fine.

A return, then, to Victorian Puritanism? No, just a “surge” on the battlefield here at home that escapes this Slough of Despond, the cul-de-sac into which ZOG’s guilt-trip train has plunged us. Let’s get up, out and on where we’re bound, though the memory of our dalliance be permanent. We should never again go “spreading democracy” by computer-launched and guided, unmanned drone bombs. “Our” government is guilty of war crimes, and we for failing to remove that mounting rubbish heap filling schools and homes. Such ones shouldn’t preach to other lands, nor invade when their message doesn’t take.

What then? Use this self-reproach. Get out of all the world’s business which is not our own; stop executing a Zionist agenda whose unsavory propaganda infects host societies anywhere unopposed and dumps garbage as thanks. We’re forever bound by past errors, reforms, defeats and triumphs; surely no more able to reverse a sea change than the assorted stars can undo their Prime Mover’s archives. But at least today’s lost generation might turn off that stupid TV and conduct hearings on the biggest threat to every Aryan’s future, along with that of the other races as well.

The Jewish mediacracy would force us to apologize, flagellate ourselves, confess its sins as our own and again for having entered the world with white skins. While that power rages momentarily, I and a host of other insurgents go around picking on those doctrinaire messages, ridiculing such laughably erroneous ideas and publishing the way things really work to astonished audiences – “recycling” overripe Marxism as it were.

September 9 and 16, a German-born writer, Hilmar von Campe, had lectured the Robertsdale, Alabama, high school seniors on his personal memories of that country’s rise to National Socialism, saying he sees those same conditions now unfolding in America. I registered a complaint with the school board:

“Perhaps it’s true we’re in deep trouble, yet I differ with him on who, if anybody, was entirely at fault for WWII, as there’s enough blame to go around. But, after seventy years of continuous Nazi-bashing films, books and periodicals on what happened back then, we’re still getting only one side of the story. Isn’t it time some devil’s advocate presented Hitler for once as a human being? Just out of good sportsmanship? Or have we surrendered all sense of justice to the naïveté of expediency?

“Mr. von Campe’s beating again on a very dead horse misses what’s actually threatening our survival in freedom. He has guided those students away from the problem. In all their young lives, they’ve heard no other viewpoint.

“No doubt some better-qualified legal defense team, given sufficient public ‘stimulus’ monies, could belatedly argue a superior case for National Socialism’s preventive strike against global communism as well; but, here in the confines of Baldwin County or the halls of Robertsdale High School, wherever called upon, I’ll do it for free. No Nazi or Socialist of any kind, I’m just a throwback to small-r republicanism, the type that preceded today’s ‘spreading democracy.’ This appeal begs light of day in The Independent, and a public response from the Baldwin County School Board.”

Both the local newspaper and school complied as petitioned.

Gifted Education Specialist Cynthia Erickson, Ed. D, the instructor of those classes, called for and received my written biography, but the lady who must approve my bio and talk was “out of town and will not be back till next week.” Seven days go by and I visit Gifted Education Specialist Erickson at RHS before her classes begin.

“I will need an outline of your talk,” she then informs me. “I still don’t understand what it is you’re saying.”

“Your International Studies classes,” I tell her, “get only the ‘One World’ idealism of TV as it is. Today’s political correctness would actually put an end to inter-national commerce: a one-nation planet lacking real competition between ideas and peoples.”

Emailing her a written outline next day of my lecture, she replied: “I will forward to the administration for approval. Thank you.” As this issue went to press, she was still waiting. Here’s my complete message:

Your Robertsdale Golden Bears don’t need any praises from me; they’ve earned enough trophies on their own, playing strictly by the rules. I want to talk about a bunch of murderers who would have their gold without the hard knocks that come with taking it fair and square.

The Golden Rule, say such ones, is he who has the gold makes the rules. But rules speak of order, and this budding American empire’s War on Terror sees nothing but disorder everywhere it looks – in other words, resistance to its dictates. Actually, too many of those possessing the gold spend all their time scheming to get more, while hoping this truth won’t get out.

As you’ve seen more than enough Nazi- bashing films, books and periodicals on what happened back then, let’s consider Hitler for just this once as a human being.

He’s accused of gassing six million Jews to death, of racism and homophobia, plus aspiring for an empire from which a racist National Socialism could rule the world. I’m no Nazi or Socialist of any kind, just a throwback to small-r republicanism, the kind that preceded today’s “spreading democracy.” Our States were once shining examples of what separate governments might accomplish by delegating limited and numbered powers to a confederation such as the United States, thereby mutually saving themselves from powerful foreign interests. Today they are vassal provinces paying tribute to the servant they created. It has burst all those bonds carefully crafted by the Founders. Having killed Germany’s Adolf Hitler, Serbia’s Milosevic and Iraq’s Hussein, none of whom had  attacked us, in defiance of the U. S. Constitution it has set itself upon that ancient course of empire building.

Before we start defending Hitler against all of the unjust accusations hurled at him these seventy intervening years without letup, and that’s not saying he didn’t use brute, dictatorial force to accomplish his aims, let’s review George Washington’s Farewell Address, where he warns against jumping into everybody else’s business. Said the first U. S. President: “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements, let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop. Europe has a set of primary interests which to us have none; or a very remote relation. Hence she must be engaged in frequent controversies, the causes of which are essentially foreign to our concerns.”

Did those public servants delegated to the city bearing Washington’s name listen? No. Once the Rothschild loan-sharking family that had long financed both sides of every European war sent its agents over here to set up the same kind of racket, those golden rulers, the national bankers, found themselves managing quite a few members of the U. S. Congress. After capturing that body’s constitutional mandate to coin and name the value of currency, except for two brief periods thereafter they’ve created and loaned this paper we call money back to the government at interest.

Those golden rulers exercise now as then much influence by creating currency, the “news,” economic booms and busts – to keep us confused and obedient to their plans for capturing ever more power unto themselves. And they’re not interested in peace; no money there, that’s for them the pits. They need wars, stimulus packages, emergencies, illusions of change every four years so that we’ll go on voting to turn their well-trained turkey around and curse its other wing awhile.

They outfitted not only the slave trade’s Boston Clippers alongside England’s and Portugal’s ships for that enterprise, those international bankers reaped great profits and powers out of the rapidly-developing Industrial Revolution’s clearing of forests and railroad building, which needed much common labor for a time. But eventually all that ground work was finished and the golden rulers of the industrialized North’s factories had no more use for unskilled and illiterate Africans, so the imported chattels were sold South on the roads and rails they had labored to build. No slave was bought, sold or otherwise traded anywhere under a Confederate flag.

The scattered few entrepreneurs quickly investing in that work force auctioned on easy payment terms set up huge plantations hereabouts. Most Southern White farmers, however, still tilled their own 40 acres, not rich yet happy and free. That, too, would change. No, they didn’t purchase Africans, but found themselves earning less because of the slave labor competition. Those great trainloads of cheaply produced cotton so much in demand by the North and Europe sorely tempted the bankers as you might imagine. Here in this region with its little industry and less influence over a rapidly centralizing government in Washington, D. C., very high tariffs and unfair shipping charges began hitting hard. At the time of its secession, the South was paying around four-fifths of the federal budget.

As Confederate General Pat Cleburne admonished his troops when all hope was just about gone: “Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the War; will be impressed by all the influences of history and to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision.

“…It is said slavery is all we are fighting for, and if we give it up we give up all. Even if this were true, which we deny, slavery is not all our enemies are fighting for. It is merely the pretense to establish sectional superiority and a more centralized form of government, and to deprive us of our rights and liberties.”

Remember this: The victor writes each war’s history. We’ll now consider National Socialism’s failure in its time to overthrow those same golden rulers, even though the mainstream media want that subject kept verboten. The magazines, newsreels, films and books depicting World War II have spoken: the same kind of propaganda that got us riled up and involved in World War I, namely about German soldiers tossing Belgian babies up in the air and impaling them on their fixed bayonets, or posters portraying the savage “Huns” we must kill in order to save mankind. Their case is closed.

By contrast to that incessant drumbeat, our States keep sentenced murderers alive on death row with taxpayer-funded legal counsel sometimes for more than twenty years because the same war-profiteering, international bankers who helped start both world wars demand “fair hearings for all” – and even today wield more control over what poses as a consensus of news and opinion than they did when dictating President Wilson’s 14 Points, a travesty handing WWI-defeated Germany’s soil to Poland with the guarantee that England and France would declare another war on Germany if that country tried to reopen the Corridor into its former East Prussia.

The German Volk occupying Central Europe from the Alps to the North Sea and further along the Baltic, including Austria and all those territories lost creating Czechoslovakia at the close of World War I, had throughout history proved impossible for any outside power to dominate. Here, in the Teutoburg Forest, Varus and three legions met defeat in the year 9 AD, embarrassing the Roman Empire’s world-ruling pride. The British later proved smart enough to leave that hornet’s nest alone, at least until goaded in by the same armaments financiers who, to avoid letting our Southland’s four-fifths of the federal budget go, cleverly hid behind all kinds of smokescreens their plans for first undermining the U. S. Constitution’s true federalism, then loaning into existence their worldwide cattle ranch.

With the money power’s City of London having thoroughly penetrated New York’s publishing houses and financial districts along with the halls of federal government, George Washington’s admonitions fell on deaf ears. For the golden rule-makers saw no profit in peace. Confusion and turmoil between their targeted objectives, while conspiring in secrecy among themselves, would, they devoutly believed, render the whole world helpless to resist. Every prior attempt at such empire-building, its lines of supply and communication stretched at last to the limits, had failed. This time the Rothschilds, Warburgs and Rockefellers would get all their ducks lined up in a row before calling for that first shot, leaving no nation capable of resisting their designs to escape the great conflagration eventually called World War I.

Money talks, but not everybody listens to it worshipfully; that’s where cue cards or teleprompters for venal academicians and politicians come into play. A false public servant’s betrayal ranks second behind his unprincipled instructor’s teaching that it’s clever to cooperate with whoever delivers the biggest “campaign contributions.”

Could Anglo-Saxon England go against Anglo-Saxon Germany? Queen Victoria and other British crowned heads had come from there. Prior to the Great War, France hadn’t called that seat of empire Perfidious Albion without cause when siding with and against the Brits at various times according to the Rothschild family’s current business plan. While those two nations plus Spain and Portugal all facing the Atlantic Ocean colonized most of Africa and Asia, a more landlocked Germany settled for the remote parts they overlooked. The Germans had always fought among themselves as small fiefdoms until the advent of Bismarck, who united those petty States when soundly defeating Austria at Koniggratz in 1866. This and the victorious war against the French that followed brought many Germans under Prussia, with King William I at its head, and on their way to becoming a world power even without the Germans of Austria.

So Bismarck had control over his own people, but not of that race handling their currency and media. Such moneychangers and propagandists were determined never to let escape from this usury Germany’s powerful creativeness and work ethic. Those lenders kept things stirred up across Europe and throughout the United States until finally plunging all into their Great War. How did they do it? By habitually arousing hate and divisiveness, instigating both sides to mobilize, borrow, build giant munitions factories, arm against and fight each other.

Germany was well on the way toward victory, and would have won, but those who secretly made the rules didn’t want such an outcome and had decided to break the willpower of this brilliant, determined and courageous race of fighting men along with their supporting women having once turned back the Roman legionnaires when, like the Spartans of old, refusing to settle for second best.

The Minister of War Production being one of Rothschild’s golden-rule-makers, and with the entire German bureaucracy infiltrated by such agents, in the spring of 1918 as Germany was closing in on victory those subversives created a devastating munitions strike, sabotaging the heroic German armies at the front and stirring up a communist revolution at home. Later that same summer elsewhere, their henchmen would assassinate the Czar and set up a 70-year reign of Russian communist terror.

When the armistice was announced, among those betrayed soldiers just back from the front stretched out in a hospital because temporarily blinded by a poison gas attack was a young corporal named Adolf Hitler. He would later write: “Since the day when I stood at my mother’s grave, I had not wept. When in my youth fate seized me with merciless hardness, my defiance mounted. When in the long war years death snatched so many a dear comrade and friend from our ranks, it would have seemed to me almost a sin to complain. After all, were they not dying for Germany? And when at length the creeping gas, in the last days of the dreadful struggle, attacked me too, and began to gnaw at my eyes, and beneath the fear of going blind forever, I nearly lost heart for a moment, the voice of my conscience thundered at me: miserable wretch! Are you going to cry when thousands are a hundred times worse off than you? And so I bore my lot in dull silence. But now I could not help it. Only now did I see how all personal suffering vanishes in comparison with the misfortune of the Fatherland.”

He broke down and cried.

The worst of that surrender was yet to come. But here was the man, of humble beginnings, who would lead his country back to greatness. Born just inside Austria along the German border on April 20, 1889, when still quite young he wanted to become an artist. His father, who had objected to this desire, died when the boy was but 13 years old. His mother, though of poor means, sacrificed and sent him to a technical school in Linz where his talents for drawing and architecture developed.

Hitler wrote of this period: “The habit of historical thinking which I thus learned in school has never left me in the intervening years. To an ever increasing extent world history became for me an inexhaustible source of understanding for the historical events of the present; in other words, for politics. I do not want to ‘learn’ it, I want it to instruct me.”

At age 18 Hitler left home searching for employment in his chosen vocation, taking examinations at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts but failing to pass. A professor doing the examining advised him his talent lay not in painting but architecture. He was keenly interested in that field, yet couldn’t afford the further schooling required.

Back at home his mother soon died, and, as he remained unemployed, things didn’t look good. He tells us: “With a suitcase full of clothes and underwear in my hand, and an indomitable will in my heart, I set out for Vienna. I, too, hoped to wrest from fate what my father had accomplished 50 years before; I, too, hoped to become ‘something,’ but in no case a civil servant.”

Four years spent in this big city gave him an education of a different kind, its ten percent Jewish population dominating the German metropolis of Vienna. A close-knit ethnic tribe called by American Professor Kevin MacDonald in his book by the same name a Culture of Critique because always criticizing everybody else’s habits and then getting shrill when someone fires a return volley of criticism, controlling the press is their forté; it means they need to duck less often. Here Hitler detected what the Jewish program of Marxism portended for the German people, and grew miserable with that realization.

He relates: “I understood the infamous spiritual terror which this movement exerts, particularly on the bourgeoisie, which is neither morally nor mentally equal to such attacks; at a given sign it unleashes a veritable barrage of lies and slanders against whatever adversary seems most dangerous, until the nerves of the attacked persons break down… this is a tactic based on precise calculation of all human weaknesses, and its results will lead to success with almost mathematical certainty…”

Hitler moved to Munich in the spring of 1913, happy to leave Vienna, according to him a cosmopolitan “racial Babylon.” And when finally that Great War long planned behind the scenes began in August 1914, Hitler joined a Bavarian regiment. As he explains: “To me those hours seemed like a release from the painful feelings of my youth. Even today I am not ashamed to say that, overpowered by a stormy enthusiasm, I fell down on my knees and thanked heaven from an overflowing heart for granting me the good fortune of being permitted to live at this time.”

He further stated: “A fight for freedom had begun… this time not the fate of Serbia or Austria was involved, but whether the German nation was to be or not to be.”

In his four-and-one-half years with the infantry he was wounded twice, initially receiving the Iron Cross second class and later the Iron Cross first class. At war’s end gassed and blinded, upon hearing about his Fatherland’s defeat and what that sizable  brigade of Jewish advisers accompanying U. S. President Woodrow Wilson had put into the ruthless Treaty of Versailles, he grew quite bitter, seeing its undisguised purpose as to lay low Germany, the only country Hitler thought capable of stopping their plans to rule the world.

The Versailles Treaty imposed cruel and tyrannical peace terms. Germany’s entire wealth, colonies and territories were just handed over to other nations, Great Britain gaining the biggest share, i.e., Rothschild’s City of London, separately governed from the mayor’s adjacent districts of London proper.

A few traitors sitting in for Germany at the peace conference went along with that cruel joke, accepting full responsibility for having started the war. As we’ve noted, the victors write each war’s history. But, ever since the Versailles brokered so-called peace, while making a big show of regret for each new conflict’s losses of lives and limbs, those doing the writing have lied to even the winning side’s returning veterans. Who are these people composing so many sitcoms, movies, mainstream daily papers and the teleprompts directing each of our moves on their chessboard against today’s holdouts fighting worldwide communism? If you’re ready for irrefutably documented facts, we’ll pass out these slips containing two web sites that can start you on the way toward discovering and exposing them:

With full responsibility for their Great War laid on the German people, the sum of “reparations” named came to around three times the net worth of the whole country, which meant that, including interest, they would pay forever. 

This endless extortion, the loss of their colonies and adjacent territories and the war guilt were just a beginning of what was coming: years of hopelessness, hunger and desperation. It was a replay of our South’s Reconstruction years, puppet governors going along with the prompting, outsiders swarming in with carpetbags full of money buying up real estate for almost nothing from a starving population. And the same Jewish revolutionaries and traitors having seized control of Russia would now direct Germany’s provisional government. This was their moment – the ripening conditions under which communism is more easily implemented and toward which the U. S. is headed at this moment of hyperinflationary federal government money borrowing and spending.

The German population simply didn’t know how to cope with all that. Not only had those golden rule-makers grabbed up most of the profitable businesses, even the courts and police found themselves under their control. Dissenters could expect no justice. Scalawags playing along with the occupying overlords’ humiliating agenda got jobs; thousands of others starved to death.

Mind-numbing worldwide brotherhood literature poured forth from the captive media. Pornography filled the newsstands. Children were tempted thereby to disown and deviate from the moral strictures of their parents. Movies glamorized, without acknowledging, communism’s ten planks. Schools and colleges replaced impartial teachers and professors with others toeing the no-longer-secret line of those actually in charge. Does any of this sound like what’s happening in the here and now?

These conditions continued for years, the so-called democratic elections proving merely a great farce. With all hope gone that anything good would ever come out of further acquiescence, the German people began praying for a leader to deliver them from their golden rulers.

Various militant groups began forming, some of them perhaps roughly comparable to the Klan movement led by Confederate General Forrest for restoring order when the American South’s occupation forces proved either incompetent or unwilling to do so. Following the November 11, 1918, armistice and knowing that the temporary communist takeover had in mind anything except law and order, six young men set themselves up at Munich as the German Workers Party. But that cadre got nowhere until, in 1919, a new member joined and took over the organization. A spellbinding public speaker bringing military discipline to bear, this man was Adolf Hitler.

Renamed in 1920 the National Socialist German Workers Party, Nazi for short, that small band for the next three years staged public gatherings exhorting the German people to deal more energetically with their oppressors. Everywhere Hitler spoke, he aroused resistance against communist revolutionaries, Bolshevists and assorted stooges themselves interested in planting the usual confusion, anger and sabotage as required for the money/media combine’s subversion from Siberia on the Pacific to every European State facing the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Under such foreign occupation, it’s not hard to become convinced that only a leader from among one’s own people will bring about any real change for the better. But, who would actually stand up against those well paid thugs sent by their golden rulers to break up any counter-movement that began looking like it was gaining more than a few followers? From among the hungry and oppressed masses, not many. So this meant that, just to meet together in public, Hitler and his boys were on their own. But the people did respond, once his message started getting attention and new recruits joined those imperturbable patriots in defending their leader’s right to stand before a crowd and speak. Unarmed except for bare knuckles, they earned the name of Storm Troopers. Scores of them would die defending Hitler before he finally came to power as the Third Reich’s Führer.

By 1923 the money men in charge had totally destroyed Germany’s currency. The worst inflation in world history, excepting only today’s Zimbabwe, caused a loaf of bread to cost billions of marks. Those golden rulers seized control of whatever their lecherous eyes fell on. From America came more of them, taking advantage of that fiscal failure, buying up apartments, houses, jewels, farms, simply pillaging anything of value. The Nazi Party felt it could wait no longer, as Germany and all of Europe would fall before Bolshevist communism at the rate things were going. In November 1923 they made their move at Munich to seize control of the Bavarian government, but failed because the money men having near complete influence over the German army and militia quickly put down this attempt while killing sixteen of Hitler’s Storm Troopers.

Standing trial, the Nazi leader delivered some of his greatest speeches on behalf of this party, whose cause now increasingly aroused the German people to demand his freedom. However, the golden rule-makers prevailed, and he received a five year prison sentence. During his stay at the Landsberg Penitentiary, Hitler wrote a two-volume work called Mein Kampf, in which he had leisure, his guards proving sympathetic, to put it all down on paper: the sacrifices and effort expected of every German if that noble race meant to come out from under those parasites and restore the Reich. Behind bars, Hitler gained an ever growing following. People agitated against the authorities without letup, until their Führer was released after serving only nine months of his sentence. During that time, his party was constantly harassed by the authorities and forbidden to hold public meetings in several German States. Its assets were seized by the courts. It was totally disorganized.

Real money returns at last

But Hitler hung in there until the court order banning his public appearances was finally lifted, whereupon he immediately set about rebuilding the National Socialist movement from the ground up. Soon the German people were no longer taking their dosages of international brotherhood and war guilt propaganda as dispensed daily by the totally compromised media. Thousands had started showing up at each of his huge public rallies. This returning national pride continued and, on January 30, 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of the German Reich. A daunting task faced him, the outgoing so-called Weimar Republic having had not a clue for dealing with all those problems this new Chancellor would quickly set about resolving. Germany’s fiat currency purchased little, poverty among his people was almost total. Those dictating the terms at Versailles had disarmed, disenfranchised and indebted the country supposedly for all time. While Hitler’s support was colossal, his detractors remained firmly entrenched in the businesses, the media and the bogus money they had grabbed control of during those years following their Great War.

The German people’s durable industry, inventiveness and creativity immediately sprang back to life, an electric impulse flashing across their land as the eternal struggle between principles and powers moved again to the fore. This, you should recall, was when the Great Depression had descended upon all of the other Western nations with precisely such conditions as National Socialism must now pull out of, a time of great languishing in the 1930s, farmers losing their properties to usurious central bankers, unemployment remaining high until propagandists shaped the people up just as their cue card holders wanted them: men preferring military paychecks to bread lines and venal politicians taking the bait that only another war could break those doldrums.

Wall Street and the City of London weren’t about to let Hitler get away with printing his own currency and bypassing the international bankers’ monopoly which loaned every State’s money into existence then charged its government interest for that dubious service. So the London Daily Express signaled what was desired by way of a banner headline on March 24, 1933: “Judea Declares War On Germany,” below which, under the subheading “Jews Of All The World Unite In Action,” BOYCOTT OF GERMAN GOODS was in boldface, this story calling for “mass demonstrations in many districts.”

History is as published by those who run the presses

But it didn’t work; nothing would stop the Third Reich from breaking its fetters short of another so-called Great War To End All Wars. One thing that this “devil’s advocacy” for the defense of Adolf Hitler must grant the prosecution is chutzpah, the unmitigated gall to take total advantage of our gullibility.

So there stood this new regime, ready and willing to implement its Führer’s plans despite the City of London’s mounting boycott and determination to totally isolate Germany. Remember, those bankers were not only capable of extending their Great Depression indefinitely by recalling loans at will, but wherever a goon squad might be desired they could also renew or forgive debts, loosen new money and “stimulate” exotic “change.” Does this sound familiar?

Propaganda was now working on both sides. The German people saw themselves coming back out of it; their pride mounted, they built the great super-highways called Autobahns, employment for every worker returning as this new regime bypassed the bankers’ money boycott by bartering with several nations in South America and Asia for the raw materials needed.

The Third Reich seized industries back into German ownership and control no less ruthlessly than when stolen by usurpers ten years earlier. These soon began producing bicycles, homes and Volkswagens anyone could afford. Hitler scrapped the Versailles mortgage’s taboos; like any other modern country this one, too, would again require military service of able-bodied young men.

The Nazi regime began removing from all government offices the Jews that Hitler mainly blamed for having instigated that Great War in the first place, then swarming in on his defeated nation picking its bones clean. Those lost licenses to operate banks, to continue their professorships in the great universities or create propaganda, actions he hoped would cause a complete reversal and send them packing by rendering any further stay in Germany so uncomfortable that they would leave voluntarily, and most who could afford to do so eventually did. However, except for those who committed crimes, hysterical warmongering diatribes notwithstanding, this government did not physically mistreat the Jews. Naturally the first choice destination for the ones leaving was America, an innocently sleeping giant they hoped to agitate into helping the Jews of all the world unite in action.

The international banking cartel could not allow Hitler to escape its clutches that easily. This meant instigating those States surrounding Germany and beyond, lending and recalling money selectively, causing a boycott of German goods while directing “mass demonstrations in many districts.” And we more distant Americans, ignoring again President Washington’s warnings of foreign imbroglios, fell into lockstep with such world coveting Jews united in action; they led us by the elbows off to war with less effort than first expended inciting the hard-nosed, often manipulated Europeans.

Seeing what they were up to, the Third Reich began preparing for war. The Jewish invention of Bolshevism at that time had brought the much larger nation of Russia under its power and was arming Stalin to overrun all of Europe before the Germans could fully mobilize against their scheme. Hitler needed his whole people foursquare behind a single military force, and quickly, or the golden rule-makers would have time to snuff out this singular obstacle to their New World Order. So the Führer set about recovering all of those outlying territories settled by Germans for centuries but lost to other redrawn and newly-created States at Versailles. The Austro-Hungarian Empire having ended, he also liberated the German State of Austria from its ten percent Jewish rulers on March 14, 1938.

This Anschluss – the German/Austrian union that evicted those moneychangers having levied unjust tributes and penalties for ages – was something the peoples on both sides had looked forward to for many generations. The metropolis having caused him so much grief as a young man wildly greeted Hitler’s triumphal entry into the capitol city of Vienna, thousands lining its streets with their arms uplifted in loud and boisterous salutes.

Still to come was the liberation of over three million of his people just inside the Versailles-stitched-together artificial State of Czechoslovakia, including that territory called the Sudentenland, where the Jews of all the world united in action had started calling for “mass demonstrations in many districts,” to stop Hitler’s reversals of their handiwork; which incited Czechs to taunt, humiliate and murder Germans.

On one side, the golden rule-makers had to deny Germany sufficient leisure and means for fully mobilizing ahead of their next Great War’s beginning. They already possessed the power to bring that upstart regime before the prostituted media’s court of world opinion, which inquisitional trials for the next seventy years would find any effective defenses against Jewish doctrine guilty of “hate speech.” On the other side, Hitler, discovering their plans for arming Russia to the maximum and readying more divisions than one could imagine near the Polish border to strike at a moment’s notice across Germany then on to the Atlantic and Mediterranean, the Wehrmacht could not wait. So a Blitzkrieg – his lightening-quick preventive strike – must move faster. Only by pitting German resourcefulness against those East European and Asiatic hordes could the Third Reich’s inferior numbers succeed against Stalin’s armies backed by New York’s money and the newly-elected Roosevelt’s predilections for war.

At Munich on September 29, 1938, the British, French and Italian heads of State heard Hitler’s case for the Sudentenland’s return to majority rule, following which, by the middle of October his troops took control of this area adding another three million Germans to the Reich, and rolled further on March 15, 1939, annexing all of Czechoslovakia – that artificially-created part of the former Austrian Empire hacked into multilingual districts at the deceitful Versailles conference.

Meanwhile the City of London, having incited all the other races in that contested region to provoke those Sudeten Germans into calling upon the Reich to intervene on their behalf, saw its ducks slowly lining up in a row. Yet the bankers wanted to draw Hitler further into their trap, whether or not he was onto the game. Having control of all those governments surrounding Germany, the next blazing headlines seeking “mass demonstrations in many districts” aroused slaughter, torment and persecution against Germans having resided for centuries in a small area that belonged to Germany until Versailles split East Prussia away from its Fatherland by creating this Polish Corridor on the Baltic Sea.

France and England had both done as instructed, putting it in writing: they would declare war on Germany if that State came to the defense of its nationals there. This in turn and according to plan “stimulated” the Poles as lesser dupes into performing their own aggressive actions, choreographed by the rule-makers naturally.

Here again, realizing it was a setup or not, on September 1, 1939, the Wehrmacht came in and rescued its people. The Polish authorities having ignored Hitler’s efforts to settle that transfer peacefully now saw their forces utterly crushed inside of three weeks, with neither the British nor French rushing in as promised, yet both declared war on Germany – six-and-one-half years after the March 24, 1933, London headline in the big Daily Express, “Judea Declares War On Germany.”

The bankrollers of France and England had no interest in stopping Hitler before he had served their purposes; that was just to light the fuse. They were rather fixed upon destroying Germany completely this time, so that no government would ever again think of deporting its Jews as many kings and princes all across Europe had done in other centuries repeatedly.

Reelected in 1940 to an unprecedented third term by promising to “keep our boys out of that conflict,” Jewish U. S. President Roosevelt quickly thereafter showed his true colors, siding with and shipping arms to Russia and England on his “lend/lease” program, then declaring war on Germany. Many other Western States, whether just wanting in on credit for the kill or actually believing the propaganda, did likewise. So it was only a matter of time, engagement and bloodshed until the Third Reich, like Saddam Hussein’s Sunni Iraq, would fall to vastly superior forces.

It’s repeatedly charged by the media that the Nazis gassed six million Jews. Who knows whether or not this is a fact? We’re given much testimony by the prosecution’s so-called eyewitnesses, yet little coverage of their retractions on cross-examination when admitting they fabricated such tales out of whole cloth, for whatever gain or fame. And the myth-makers simply ignore those former inmates who relate nothing more useful than that many great wartime factories kept prison laborers busy around the clock right up until the end, cutting and sewing uniforms, manufacturing guns and bullets, shoes, blankets, everything needed at the front.

Born in Germany and emigrating to Canada after the war, Ernst Zündel found himself hauled into court there for having published a book called Did Six Million Really Die? The Jews accusing him took that case to the Supreme Court, where they lost, several of their so-called eyewitnesses exposed as wildly imaginative phonies.

Refusing to roll over and play dead, Mr. Zündel continued his investigations into that forbidden realm, though often dodging brickbats of the real kind, also finding his offices and collected works firebombed. He received several pipe bombs as well, but escaped death or serious injury thereby.

Interviewed regularly on radio and TV while sending teams to investigate forensic evidence at supposed Nazi extermination sites, his assistants determined that those were merely large shower rooms, clothing delousing tubs or chambers, by no stretch of the imagination capable of killing and cremating such magnitudes of bodies as claimed. And the mass graves discovered at Katyn Forest, later-opened archives at Moscow revealed, contained the remains of Polish officers murdered by Russians, not Germans as charged for so many years.

Leaving all those attempts on his life and properties behind him, finally Ernst Zündel and his American wife Ingrid Rimland settled down near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to relax, write, paint (Ernst is an artist) and enjoy the mountain scenery. If he had been a Mexican, Somali or an Urdu, American wife or not, the golden rule-makers would likelier have caused the government to send this pair a welcoming basket than what came next.

Federal agents arrived, shackled him in handcuffs and leg irons, then hauled Mr. Zündel off to spend several weeks in jail while his local tormentors awaited further instructions. Nominally accused of having missed an appointment with immigration officials, actually this gave the would-be world rulers who couldn’t shut him up by any legal means another way to prosecute occupied Germany’s draconian law against “doubting the holocaust.” Yes, here in this land of the First Amendment’s free speech rights; thereby sending a message to those among us who know what’s going on but aren’t susceptible to bribery or blackmail. They later transferred Mr. Zündel to a New York prison near the Canadian line, then handed back over to that country to sit for two years in solitary confinement without formal charges, just a few media hints that he posed “a national security threat.”

Following those two years behind bars, the golden rulers had Mr. Zündel loaded aboard some kind of aircraft and secretly flown to Germany, where he at last stood before an inquisitional panel charging him with “doubting the holocaust.” The guilty verdict, rubber-stamped as in hundreds of other cases having sent German citizens to prison since World War II just for asking similar questions, gave him another five years imprisonment over there. That same court sentenced even his attorney, Sylvia Stolz, to three-and-one-half years charged with having spoken too graphically in the vindication of her client.

So, with our big daily newspapers going along with all this and even the internet’s promise diluted by disinformation, should we not look for the truth in that corner the Wizard of Oz tells us to disregard, namely National Socialism’s preventive strike as a defense against Global Communism?

It’s time to take out the garbage.

The First Freedom