Southern Poverty Law Center crashes in sea of shame

And not a moment too soon; the Sesquicentennial needs no liars

MONTGOMERY – One lapel displays an Alabama pin reminding us of everything he’s betrayed, the other his equally doubtful Vietnam ribbon. Who would have suspected suave, smooth-talking Bill Cox in bed with a group that’s working against Western Civilization and decency? Those mainstream media promoting the SPLC’s homosexual agenda notwithstanding, a great many journalists and others here who’ve known about them all these years refer sarcastically to this coterie of money grubbing hustlers as “the Southern Puberty Lechery Center.” It’s a bit early for investigators to agree on who gets primary credit for forcing the MSM to admit at least part of this story.

Was it Tony Perkins, Family Research Council chief, when demanding an SPLC apology for slandering his group’s stand on the traditional meaning of marriage? Or Izzy Lyman, a writer having reported that fact while the complicit MSM stood around waiting for their ready-to-eat script’s arrival from the defendants themselves [details on page 5]?

Then there’s the more experienced Washington political insider Helen Thomas. She has condemned the SPLC’s overreach in adding eighteen American Christian/conservative watchdog organizations to its “hate groups” list which the government, police and the media should especially monitor [page 3].

How about those 22 Congressmen and numerous others in the conservative movement who signed a Dec. 17 statement decrying the SPLC’s “liberal fund-raising machine trying to shut down informed discussion on important public policy issues”? It effectively dispatched the SPLC “to the same ideological ghetto that the NAACP now occupies in the eyes of White America,” as Hunter Wallace, another contender for this paper’s rare honest journalism prize, opines on page 20. We aren’t applauding anybody’s effort “above and beyond the call of duty” prematurely, as it behooves every patriot, public official and true reporter to execute his office without waiting to get “stimulated” toward some certain position or blind spot. And, besides, let’s hear from all of the sleuths who’ve flipped those rocks under which such low lifes hide when not out scavenging.

There’s “the Wizardess” – as a badly misinformed, SPLC-stimulated Montgomery Advertiser newspaper once called Patricia Godwin to its regret. She and her husband Butch, both very active in Southern events, also didn’t spare the invective after discovering their annual Fort Dixie celebration on CSA General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s birthday reconnoitered by Bill Cox for Mark Potok’s “Intelligence Report.” They say it’s not illegal, immoral or subversive of any order worth preserving when those grounds – flying all five Confederate flags – receive scores of likeminded patriots each summer for a day of friendship renewals, front porch speechifying, barbecue dining, ice cold watermelon, country music and planning their new N. B. Forrest Park at Selma as a replacement for the one destroyed by that city’s SPLC-agitated African mob.

But the Godwins refused to allow any partisan politicking from that front porch, not even for their good friend Tom Parker, viz:

A traitor walks among us. Beware!

By Patricia Godwin

Cicero said: “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague.”

Butch and I attended a meeting Monday night in Montgomery where it all finally came out.

We have known that a traitor was among us for several years. The SPLC had sent their spy here to the Forrest party trying to derail Judge Tom Parker’s campaign for the Alabama State Supreme Court. Their efforts proved fruitless...Judge Parker won by a landslide! After that, I said if and when I found out who that useless piece of parasitical matter was, “he” would rue the day! Now this year we have had a spy here, working with Rose Sanders and the Freedom Foundation. I am suspecting that there’s a connection, details of which I’ll not list just now.

So many incidents through the years led us to suspect Bill Cox; too many to go into right now. My heart was telling me, “No,” but logic said “Yes.” I had always “teased” Bill about his cell phone conversations being the “Bob Newhart” routine...that Laurie did not exist. So, every time I saw Bill, when he gave me a hug and kiss, I’d always say, “How’s the wife?”

Well, we have finally learned that “the wife” is indeed very real! She is the current Senior Intelligence Analyst for the SPLC and has been for years. The address I have for Bill Cox is a P. O. Box at Pike Road, Alabama, just south of Montgomery. He and his wife actually live in a house located in the historic Old Cloverdale section of Montgomery that they rent from a former SPLC employee, one Rhonda Brownstein [photo on page 1]. He also has a drop box at Mail Boxes Inc./UPS Store located on Zelda Road in Montgomery. Bill and Laurie have been married since 1999. He came on the Confederate scene, to my recollection, in about 2000. Bill’s wife is listed on the SPLC as Laurie Wood. I have a copy of their marriage license. The trail we have on him shows that he has had 25 addresses since 1983!

Bill Cox purported himself to be a man of God, praying such beautiful prayers and serving the Sons of Confederate Veterans as chaplain. He even asked for our prayers during the critical times of his cancer treatments. His biker group raised more than $3,000 by selling tickets on an AR-15 at $5 a pop. Butch and I bought a bunch. But, when a traitor comes to Fort Dixie taking advantage of our hospitality and trust, I cannot describe to you the contempt I have for this… traitor!

I am wondering about his “Confederate ancestor,” and suspect somebody “tip-toed” through the tombstones to find one in order that he might infiltrate the SCV! He has joined every Confederate/Heritage group around here, and for some reason split off, forming a camp/chapter of his own, plus the Council of Conservative Citizens – that organization always publicly labeled by the SPLC as a hate group. Guess Bill’s wife was instrumental in that “analysis”!

Thus “the Wizardess.” Now we move to:

False Patriots

Profiles of 40 antigovernment leaders

The above headline appears on the net, compliments of the SPLC, which Leonard Wilson, a staff member of the Council of Conservative Citizens, calls an epitome of hypocrisy. For, in that article, he finds our scalawag of the decade named initially. As first of the Montgomery, Alabama, spook nest’s “forty terrorists to watch,” one Rick Ainsworth didn’t fall into their trap right away, so the SPLC whined thus:

“After alienating most of his former pals, Ainsworth recently began looking for new underlings in the burgeoning neo- Confederate movement, helping to start a group called the Confederate States of America (CSA) with another militia veteran, Bill Cox. But Ainsworth had a falling-out with Cox last fall, accusing him and another CSA official of being informants.”

No kidding?

Mike Whorton, who directs the League of the South’s annual parade and gathering in the city park at Wetumpka, Alabama, is the man who leads that procession across the bridge each year. He and Dr. Michael Hill, LoS President, have verified, along with others, that, as of Christmas 2010, Bill Cox and Laurie Wood were cohabiting in Montgomery.

Christmases past

A traitor? How could that be? Was it not Bill Cox who bailed SCV officer Wyatt Willis out of jail when he got arrested for picketing the State Capitol Christmas tree in 2001? At that time the mediacracy was preparing all for another invasion of Iraq, and Alabama did its part by busing school children here from all over, to gaze in awe upon a huge fir covered top to bottom with U. S. flaglets. (Soon supposedly grown-up folks would join them, driving around with a pair of pinstriped flags flapping out both windows, their Pavlovian salute to G. W. Bush’s cue card reading: “Let’s roll!”)

Vietnam veteran Wyatt Willis, the SCV activist who brought together 200 local patriots when dedicating that now famous giant Confederate flag illuminated at night atop a hill overlooking Interstate 65 north of Montgomery, objected to the warwhoop tree. Sitting on a folding chair alongside it with a handful of small Alabama flags, he began handing them out to those students, observing that this was Alabama and their State Christmas tree, not some jingo war symbol but one of peace on earth.

“Coming quickly to Wyatt’s aid,” notes Patricia Godwin, “is typical of how those agents provocateur ingratiate themselves into our confidences.” Her husband agrees, saying: “The professional spy looks and acts just like you or I. That is, he could be any one of us.”

Dr. Hill: “Here is what our investigation turned up over the past couple of years: 1) one of our members has in his possession a photocopy of Bill Cox’s marriage certificate to one Laurie Wood; 2) Ms. Wood is an analyst at the SPLC and an instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center; 3) Ms. Wood is also listed as a member of the Countering Violent Extremism Working Group, which is run by the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council (see working_group_recommendations.pdf); 4) Mr. Cox and Ms. Wood are now living in the home of one Rhonda Brownstein, former legal director of the SPLC.

“I spoke to Mr. Cox by phone last week and he admitted to his marriage to Laurie Wood. He also admitted to keeping this fact a secret from the League of the South and other groups with which he associated.”

League of the South member Caleb Whorton:  “I have a nomination of Bill Cox for Scalawag of the Month.”

However, some feel that at this critical moment in their Southern nation’s struggle to honor its remnants of principled human dignity that’s a bit too mild. Fort Dixie declares him Scalawag of the Decade.

Activist Ellen Williams: “No longer is there a mystery as to how photos that were taken of me, Leonard Wilson and Judge Parker at Mrs. Martin’s funeral appeared in the SPLC’s magazine, Intelligence Report. No longer is it a mystery how the SPLC learned that I had been hired by a local newspaper.

“We Southerners are friendly and trusting because it is in our culture to tell the truth and be hospitable. But we also have long memories.

“ ‘This was the most unkindest cut of all.’ (Julius Caesar from the Play by the same name.)”

So who gets the main credit for breaking this story?

Larry Darby is a Montgomery attorney “doing collections on both sides of the fence”; that is, for those who are fighting extortion and holders of legitimate debts. His recent investigations in that capacity came upon some amazing information, which he explains thus:

“I simply did my duty as a leader of the CofCC and reported the matter to my superiors, then called a meeting of local members. Cox was invited to come there and refute the charges if he could. At this Alabama Capital Region Chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens, I really had nothing to offer beyond information that is available from SPLC publications and the public records.”

Mr. Darby had just happened to stumble upon information that tied Bill Cox to the SPLC by way of marriage. That spy nest’s Intelligence Report, Summer 2001, with its above cited article, “False Patriots,” noted the Florida militia leader Rick Ainsworth having a falling out with Cox and accusing him of being an informant. Mentioned was another informant who remained, perhaps for reasons known to Potok and Company, unnamed.

Laurie Wood had gone to work with the SPLC in November 1991, Darby learned, her job specifically the Klanwatch Project which is now known simply as Klanwatch. Keeping an eye on its “Militia Task Force,” according to a September 2003 article, her name appears on the Intelligence Report masthead as SPLC’s “Senior Intelligence Analyst.”

Didn’t anybody ever teach this gal at the Southern Puberty Lechery Center – or her beau – about counter-intelligence? With all the information that’s flying about these days, flipping rocks under which spooks hide takes only a few computer keystrokes followed by some professional field work.

After driving over to the Elmore County courthouse twice and paying $1 for a copy of the marriage certificate, Mr. Darby spent two weeks reconnoitering the intelligence report you are reading.

Laurie Wood married Willis Cox, Jr., in Elmore County on November 6, 1999. The address on the certificate is 1891 Galena Avenue, #1, Montgomery (36106), which is in Old Cloverdale. She has written many articles over the decades or been cited as a source in others. Remember, she’s the senior intelligence analyst and presumably is responsible as such for all statements based on SPLC “intelligence.” Her subject matter for the SPLC’s intelligence since 1991 has included the Florida militia, LoS, SCV, SNC, Christian Identity and others.

Following wherever the trail of clues led him, Darby discovered that both Cox and Wood have shared multiple addresses over the years, currently residing in an upscale Old Cloverdale home owned by Rhonda Brownstein, former legal director of the SPLC. She left the SPLC last Summer to go teach at a law school in Denver, which appears to coincide with Wood and Cox temporarily relocating there.

Darby photographed Cox’s motorcycle and suburban “war wagon” at this current residence, giving such counterintelligence to the leaders of two patriot organizations. They later also observed those vehicles at Brownstein’s home, a pair of LoS officers afterwards confronting traitor Cox with the revelations, whereupon he admitted to the sordid truth of his longtime actions as an agent provocateur.

At this point the investigating attorney got a go-ahead from CofCC headquarters in St. Louis to call his special meeting at the Capitol, where he stated on the record:

“I trust the reports made by those two men. I find where Bill Cox broke no laws, his error a lack of morality and judgment; betrayal. This is because he is a member of several businesses that are consistently targeted by the SPLC and he has been a local leader in several of these businesses. In legal terms, Cox violated the “business judgment rule” which holds that an officer/ leader of a business has a duty to act (1) in good faith, (2) in a reasonable and prudent manner and (3) consistent with the desires of the owners of the business.

“I have talked with leaders of some of the named businesses and no one reports Bill Cox ever having disclosed his peculiar relationship with the senior intelligence analyst of the SPLC. Each person with whom I talked is greatly concerned over Cox’s lack of morality demonstrated by his failure to disclose his ties to the SPLC. There is a general consensus that Cox has betrayed us by failing to disclose his ties to the SPLC. Many of us perceived him as being rather impecunious, yet it turns out his wife is a long term, high ranking official with the SPLC. Surely Cox has enjoyed his wife’s income and hospital insurance over the decades. You might speak to others who recently donated money to Cox by way of a motorcycle club benefit in his behalf. Surely none who gave money to help pay his bills believed he was tied to an SPLC employee.

“Almost every person with whom I’ve discussed the evidence stated that this new knowledge causes certain things to make better sense of information or photographs having appeared in the SPLC publications. In short, the evidence shows that Cox has betrayed some of those businesses and his fellow members therein for not disclosing his relationship with the SPLC, an enemy to conservatism, secession and Southron heritage.”

Time for debate – not hate

When Morris Dees addressed students and faculty in Pensacola at the University of West Florida several years back, editor Olaf Childress and three friends were on hand to interview him. Dees didn’t enter the lobby after his lecture right away, and they got separated handing out literature, taping and photographing.

Childress joined the circle of reporters surrounding Dees as he appeared, and shot him this query: “Why can’t you accept that Whites just wish to preserve their heritage, rather than always calling that ‘hate’?”

Speaking nary a word, Dees gave a nod and two husky bodyguards grabbed editor Childress by the shoulders, dragged to the glass doors backwards and shoved him out into the street. “What did he do?” asked his friends and a gathering crowd. The campus cops, just following orders, hadn’t a clue; but he was not allowed back inside.

Attorney Kirk Lyons didn’t care for that case. Edgar Steele chided him: “If I were in that part of the country, I’d jump on this!”

Another chance to confront Dees came with the intelligence that he would speak at Mississippi State in Starkville. Childress spoke briefly with a few protesters outside the upstairs auditorium before entering and stuffing two bundles of papers beneath his seat. “What are those?” asked a suspicious usher scouting the mostly Black audience. “Lit for later handout.” That satisfied him.

After much jungle rhythm, Dees hopped onstage, stated his love for diversity, and as quickly vanished behind his bodyguards.

At the exit passing out papers, Childress surprised an emerging Bill Cox – there “as one of the protesters.” Replied the editor: “Funny I didn’t see you among them.”

Morris Dees, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, Bill Cox and the public are invited to join The First Freedom in front of the SPLC at 3 pm on Feb. 19, 2010.