One way integration is now the standard

With tongue in cheek, a formerly imprisoned Holo denier wonders what would happen if Israel had a Central German Committee.

By Günter Deckert
Translator: James Damon

Imagine a “Central German Committee” demanding the Jews in Israel include more Maultaschen, Weißwürsten and Spätzle in their diet, and urging them to build stands selling Wurstsalat and pretzels every few meters.

Imagine German women in Israel running around in Dirndls and German men in Lederhosen.

Imagine a Central German Committee protesting to the bosses in Tel Aviv that too little integration is taking place and demanding more financial backing, plus German language newspapers and official documents written in German.

Imagine this Committee demanding cradle-to-grave social services and free medical care for Germans in Israel who prefer not to work, while the Germans live according to their own laws and customs, thumb their noses at the local police, hang German banners from their windows and construct Christian churches throughout the land.

Imagine that a few Israeli Jews should become indignant and observe that it might not be absolutely obligatory to supply the Germans with all those necessities of life; that their dirndls are too short, German men drink too much beer, and, in general, the Jewish citizens of Israel could get on without people of radically different habits and beliefs living in their midst on the cuff.

Then imagine that this Central German Committee acts outraged, vehemently protests the Israelis’ criticism, and slanders all Jews as “unspeakable racists.”

Imagine the Israeli government forcing its vociferous citizens into silence, purging all Jewish sympathizers from its ranks.

Imagine that the Israeli government then invites the German Central Committee to sit with them at a round table and discuss the situation.

Imagine this discussion brings Israel to hire more German schoolteachers who will instruct exotic religions, educate German priests in Israeli universities and install more Germans in the Israeli public service.

Imagine the Germans in Israel sitting about in their own pubs eating Hax’n and playing Skat, driving about with German folk music blaring incredibly loud from cars with German stickers on windows and rearview mirrors. Imagine every Saturday at 6 pm they gather to watch soccer games on their German TV sports stations.

Imagine Germans loitering on the streets and molesting Israeli women, mobbing and severely beating an Israeli man and being arrested yet quickly released but, sentenced several months later to a few hours’ public service, refusing to perform.

Imagine the Germans declining to speak anything but German to Israelis, laughing wildly anytime addressed in Hebrew, and, when admonished, saying nothing except “nix vastehn!

Imagine the Central German Committee intervening and interfering with authorities in every conceivable Israeli domestic affair.

Imagine this Committee vehemently rejecting the idea that Germans had created a parallel society and, in the same breath, demanding additional privileges.

Now imagine the Israeli government’s response to this is to accuse only the Israelis of racism and demand greater assimilation for the Germans, while resolving to invite more of them into that country…

Needless to say, all this is a fairy tale!

Transferred to Germany, however, you have the reality of Jews and the Federal Republic in the year 2010!

The First Freedom