Let’s keep what we’ve competed for within the family

By Olaf Childress


In open competition everybody wins: each participant who makes bold to enter any game. One learns thereby whether he’s a real marksman at shooting or could do better by challenging others intellectually, exploring his private talents wherever that inclination may lead. True happiness – the satisfied mind – isn’t a state of relaxation in some Shangri La; it’s the get-up-and-go that participates in today’s beckoning contests. Only through involvement, challenging ourselves, do we surmount and occupy those heights.

Nor does this climb toward increasing self knowledge meet confusion so long as the subject sticks with his own people’s rules of engagement and doesn’t expect foreigners necessarily to salute whatever he perceives as that Nation’s singularity.

Aryan virtue

Our sense of fair play being unique, we can no more make it universally acceptable or even understood than might a Jewish Supremacist usurer force those he fancies his inferiors into bankruptcy, then compel them to like it. Many differences between the attitudes, habits and customs of this world’s peoples coexist, so let’s at least get used to that fact before liberal confusion kills us. Forget the White man’s burden! We owe no nonAryan even the most trivial explanation beyond what he overhears of exchanges among ourselves.

We should occasionally eavesdrop on those other peoples likewise, learning from diverse sources whatever can benefit us, yet not interfere into their internal affairs nor allow foreign interests to dictate ours. Let’s consider Whites a separate but not boastfully self-sufficient type. A too-proud attitude brings nonproductive discord all around. Better to contain satire within such apologia as the Comic Cowboys display at Mardi Gras parades in Mobile: “Without Malice.”

Keeping ourselves apart, that is, exiling from among us others who don’t belong, is not hate; it’s such love and loyalty as those nonAryans have for their own in defense of why they demand merely the White man’s heritage yet mock his morals. So, likewise, let our segregated folk seek from outsiders whatever beneficial knowledge we might intercept without the physical presence of foreign “facilitators.”

We’re no saints

Wars arise from misunderstandings and deceptions. Incompatible peoples in close proximity is a recipe for disaster; European colonialism has proven that very fact time and again. Yet many confused liberals still decry overpopulation on one hand and, in the same breath, want missionaries sent to cure all the world’s hunger while teaching those holding bowls out how “democracy” – the god that fails miserably wherever worshiped – would work just fine there. The answer?

Competition thrives bloodlessly on a level field between players of a single race and understanding. Toss in deceivers who think fair play a foolish disadvantage to themselves and you’ll witness a different game; for instance, former U. S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s “What’s the point in having all this power if you’re not going to use it?” demonstrating how Jews agitate us into fighting their endless wars.

Renewal at home

The world doesn’t suffer any imbalance; that condition always infects only certain minds. Doomsayers notwithstanding, the end is nowhere approaching. It all works beautifully, exactly as designed; so let no one reinvent this natural symmetry, neither by genetically modifying the lion to lie down with a lamb nor trying to make silk purses out of sows’ ears. Better we should reexamine our thinking and cease efforts at squaring the circle, making everybody equal, teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony.

Sustainable development was busy even when the nonadaptive dinosaur perished. Lesser reptiles, better suited for a changing world order, lived on in burrows and caves.

Assume by a leap of imagination that these alternate media for exchanging both intellectual and physical wealth shall have succeeded the ZOG’s interregnum. Let us prepare for such a time by openly declaring without malice what comes next.

  We Aryans having cultivated our soils and societies will retake charge of same, no longer admitting other races in among us nor sharing honestly-earned wealth with minorities who seek advantage where none is due. This White Nation proclaims itself separate and sovereign – neither superior, inferior nor equal as compared with all the world’s great diversity of peoples. Solely within such indigenous rankings shall we engage in friendly, bloodless competition, postponing anger and enmity for whenever outsiders encroach.

  Liberated from the Zionist Occupation Government that sought to destroy us, our quondam virtue of noninterference into other Nations’ internal affairs will not only reinstitute such a policy toward nonAryan peoples but expect and demand the same in return.

  We shall have an actual department of defense, always at the ready but with no aggressive designs upon other territories, neither threatening nor attacking without provocation while sadly admitting we’ve often done so during the ZOG’s reign over us.

Competition is the law for both jungle and civilization. Who wants high achievers brought low? Guess again; it’s not people without talent, ambition or clue, knowing themselves justifiably seated in back of the bus. Others organize Freedom Riders and “refugees” to invade our spaces, spending money and instructions from behind their sheets offstage. They are the culprits, and nobody hates a fair contest quite like those Kosher Krooked Kikes do.


Such ones appear unstoppable. Turn on any TV program, be it a concert or football game, there suddenly pops out the KKK commercial pitch, repeatedly – supposedly pushing this or that but actually marketing race-mixing, degradation, homosexuality and White genocide, while the “news” just ignores what actually needs broadcasting throughout the world. Susceptible minds become hooked on that sneaky imagery. “Seeing is believing” leads to stupidity in an age of photo-shopped montages hailing blasphemy, as drumbeat repetition numbs the TV addict’s ability to think.

Recent studies have established that this effect is profound, no less intoxicating than alcohol or other drugs, when the victim “turns on” to an ongoing mind massage, relaxes and forgets for a while all cares. Click it off and immediately those worries return.

Again, the answer must be our response to that challenge. As a steady stream of lies has many believing perverse “orientation” perhaps worth trying and healthy “racism” an evil to avoid, let’s, like Willis A. Carto, sue for reparations by demanding equal time at the microphone. Seeing or hearing the truth will shock many people, arousing cries of “Foul!” before they get used to its restored presence upon today’s podium even while the lamestream media continue folding. We must treat the poor dears with wake-up dosages administered via videos, heart-to-heart talks, books, letters to small newspaper editors, counter-demonstration messages, leaflets – and by busing them to our protests.

A victory that unseats moneychangers from their precarious perches at this time will bring no relief from the indispensable vigilance demanded by Thomas Jefferson, however, because it’s an eternal battle.

For, dealing with problems is what life, as compared with mere existence, is about. The lad fortunate enough to have a straight scoutmaster will be prepared when facing challenges ahead, and eagerly mature into a man capable of welcoming each trial that confronts him as just another milestone on his way to further growth, ever the greater provocation teasing forth an increasingly spirited response – never base resignation.

Speaking of Scouts, let’s keep a sentinel lookout guarding always against migrants who compare apples with oranges and the like, since they can easily mislead our very young. Do not interbreed dissimilar races while anticipating anything but a mongrel, nor pit even an entire chicken flock against the fox.

Today’s lesson

But we can draw comparisons between those three little pigs. One made his house of straw, to both brothers’ derision, a next grunt opted for wood and the third built with bricks. Came the big, bad wolf, who huffed and puffed much harder to blow down that wooden house and devour the second pig than at his previous day’s fast food after a single whoosh, against which no straw hut could stand. Now you know the rest of the story: only one out of three survived!

So can we. Like those piglets, this White race of men comprises a single type and stock, though our talents vary immensely. Challenging each other on how best to deal with whatever beckons out there, whether we’re talking about an approaching storm, fraternal contest, endemic or some other question, brings contestants together and decides their ad hoc merits – but doesn’t necessarily say who would be best as head of the republic’s leadership elders.

Because having top qualified men at that helm insures our people’s continued (or recovered) orderly progress, we should stop letting foreigners stage “elections” for us. They even count the supposed “votes!” Let’s call ourselves out, meet this problem and come up with a solution that evicts the international moneychangers from all their perches, purchases, whatever, of power.

We’re getting closer. The banksters now gamble everything on a single throw of the dice, hoping “refugees” might distract us while their world currency cleans the table. They’re scared! If it doesn’t work, then a procession toward sanity will begin almost overnight, just when many a naïve student imagined being in step with this season’s peecee attitudes.

The stable exemplar

A new paradigm emerges. What Doctor Mike Adams is doing at UNC-Wilmington is bound to resonate with the alumni and embolden others of his caliber across the land who are today teaching less gullible scholars the facts that Marxist instructors at too many educational institutions have yet to learn themselves.

Having imbibed such missing history, in realizing how manipulators set politicians, students and others up as mere puppets by recruiting them with scholarships, grants, publicity, blackmail, whatever provided or shielded against, a new strain of professors is not taking the bait; they don’t need the Kosher Klan’s approval.

The obscurantist game is up

In this new information age, everything having transpired heretofore has suddenly become public knowledge. Why seek more or settle for less than our dues? Let us not deny anything shameful from the past, but, when confronted with it, confess as much and promise to do better. A race traitor like Donald Trump, in cahoots with the Kosher Krooked Kikes thinking they can fool most of the people one more time, must learn his bitter lesson. After almost convincing even themselves that their Holohoax is forever because they’re God’s Chosenites, today’s internet finds them out: with Jews you lose.

The Higher Power that all religions are reaching for does – in fact must – exist. But only a foolish man or Nation claims to be exceptional, spared from that reckoning which governs others. Slick rabbis implant certain notions into the heads of “special people” who discharge their sins upon the victims they slaughter, remaining guiltless for future deceptions following a Kol Nidre vow, playing non-exceptional stooges such as Donald Trump and Alex Jones for all they’re worth, getting away with just about anything while holding to that cult. False prophets, along with 90% of their cohorts having implanted this gimmick of yelling Anti-Semitism! when all else fails, are not even Semites, but the descendants of those Ashkenazis who moved into Europe from the steppes of Asia in prior centuries.

How much the internet has documented lately! Who would’ve dreamed thirty years ago that an entire library might be recorded on one tiny memory stick? Three decades back, some Oriental Marxist was writing up The End of History. We’ve heard it all our lives; it’s coming: Am dreißigsten Mai ist der Weltuntergang. Germans, at least in their Fasching season, can joke about these front men would-be prophets, but not yet deride six million surviving “exceptionals” – for that violates the Holohoax Paragraph.

How they did it

Three hundred years ago our forebears knew practically nothing about electricity. One’s speech went not beyond the ambient air, printed words little further. Yet, living within their own watersheds, people with a common language and law whose leaders commanded foreign tongues as well, by the expediency of an Operation Wetback anytime an Andrew Jackson was needed, made clear the unacceptability of what’s happening in Europe today.

Bush the elder, reciting his cue cards, “Read-my-lips-no-new-taxes” then calling shortly thereafter for new taxes, was just following orders, introducing “lesser evil” straw manikin Willy Clinton and his “It’s the economy, stupid!” Little wonder we’ve ceased “voting,” with the Perverts That Be having stationed their foreign-born, “gay” African out front supposedly antagonizing his Massas. It’s all good acting, not really star class Reagan style but such fare as the remaining lamestream media are capable of.

By contrast, today’s Eastern European States have begun getting more real, telling Merkel, “No new quotas; it’s our survival, stupid!” There’s nothing like competition – between individuals, teams, entire peoples sometimes – to decide the future. So let’s hope the Czechs continue demonstrating that they grasp what Benjamin Franklin meant with: “It’s a Republic, if you can keep it.”

Possession is nine points of the law. Others before us have walked this ground upon which we tread. While yet here, let’s hang onto what we’ve cultivated, exiling traitorous cosmopolitans to Madagascar if that’s what it takes. The Holohoax has run its course. Sing glory to God; His truth is unstoppable.       

The First Freedom