Olaf Childress, editor and publisher of The First Freedom, worked in the late 1940s after school hours at the Boaz Leader, an Alabama newspaper where he hand-folded its weekly editions. Following high school he was a carpenter except when out of work, joining the Marines during one bankster instigated recession for a hitch in Japan, the next recession sending him for a two-year stint with the Army to Germany. Meeting his wife and taking an overseas discharge there, Childress spent five years supervising German construction workers on the military bases of their U. S. occupiers, during which time his three children were born. Back in Alabama when their eldest was of school age, he pursued a residential construction business until getting involved in protest movements against today’s unconstitutional, criminal, illegitimate, unauthorized, tyrannical, Marxist/Socialist, de facto occupational government, whose agents acting as spotters incarcerate him briefly now and then to reassure Childress that his newspaper is on target.