We are at war

By Greg Kay

This is no joke, no exaggeration, no metaphor; we are there. The conflict is still usually low-key and simmering, but it is war none the less; the kind of battle where people get hurt, and sometimes people die. The fact that people don’t want to admit it exists doesn’t make it any less real.

The first known shot was fired on a Kentucky road, 14 January, 1995, when a gang composed of three carloads of murderous Black punks chased down the truck belonging to 19-year-old Michael Westerman and shot him to death in front of his young wife. They did it because he was flying a Confederate flag, so in their twisted criminal minds, he deserved to die and his six-month-old twins deserved to be fatherless – simply because these racist pieces of human garbage were “offended.”

Soon those flying the Battle Flag on their cars and trucks began to be the victims of mobile gangsters who use their cars as a weapon to force people off the road. This happened to several, including Carl Moore, who has experienced such repeatedly due to his Confederate decals, as well as having a cinder block thrown through the window of his house where he had the Battle Flag displayed. In at least one case, a disgruntled Black man driving a semi attempted to force another 18-wheeler off the road because of a Battle Flag grill cover.

59-year-old SCV member Bill Calliham was followed home and severely beaten by a large young Negro to the point that he required hospitalization very recently because of a Battle Flag bumper sticker.

Then the drive-by attacks started. Southern Party Chairman Jerry Baxley suffered broken bones in his foot after being hit by a beer mug thrown from a passing car during the weekly VHC protest at the Richmond Dupont plant. Later, a barbeque being held by the Sumter County League of the South was interrupted by shots fired apparently from a passing Honda occupied by a Black couple. The police response: “They shouldn’t be surprised, with all those Confederate flags they had up!”

In the vast majority of cases like this, the police are uninterested; and even if an arrest is made, prosecutors generally refuse to charge minorities with hate crimes, or, all too often, any crimes at all. Which means that it’s up to us to protect ourselves, and to protect each other.

I’m not saying to walk around like Antonio Banderas in “Desperado” shooting everyone in sight; that’s the last thing we want. What I am saying is to take the time for basic security precautions. Pay attention to your surroundings. If you have a concealed carry permit, then use it; if you don’t have one, then get one. Take a martial arts class. Learn defensive driving skills. Study your State’s laws and case law on self-defense and know what force is justifiable and what is not. Most importantly, keep a cool head, and never, never, never strike the first blow; but always, always, always strike the last one unless he turns tail and runs!

When you organize a meeting or a rally, take the time to plan at least basic security while you’re planning who’s going to march where. Most of the Southern organizations have both current and former police and security officers and military personnel; use them, both their skill and their knowledge.

Defending yourself is easy; it’s a natural instinct that we all have. I’m asking you to go one step further and defend your fellow Southerner. When any Southerner is physically attacked, every Southerner within earshot should come at the charge! The call for help should be answered by all, whether by car or on foot, and your brother’s attacker should be subdued or driven off by any means necessary. Leave “field of honor” mentality in the parlors, and let General Forrest take the field.

In the Highlands of Scotland, each clan’s particular battle cry brought every one of his brethren rallying to him; so must it be for Southerners. All one should have to do is let go the Rebel Yell or the name of Dixie, and everyone of us should come a-running. Right now, we are the minority, and we have to develop the united attitude of “Cut one, we all bleed; fight one, fight us all!

The First Freedom