Today’s war rooms order coldblooded murders

By Olaf Childress

Those psychopaths, unlike the bloody casus belli they introduce or defuse, never relocate to command tents upon the actual killing fields until it has become safe and profitable – for they are not grunts doing the fighting. Let’s be quite clear regarding whom we’re talking about.

War whoops arise spontaneously with a schoolyard ruffian’s impulse, some similarly-aroused Nation’s conceited ambition to attack its neighbors or, more justifiably, in self defense when one’s home is invaded no matter the casus. Who will not prepare for the inevitability of contention and struggle, nature’s sorting out, her wonderful balance, is preparing to fail when the challenge does come.

Here and now

Do you know what’s motivating people at present on the international chessboard? “American military hegemony,” investors in missiles and sundry war machinery may say. “Money,” those whose love of the stuff is pretty much their religion would reply, but only if asked by a fellow traveler.

Disregard, in Socratic fashion, all such wrongheaded ideas and you’ll have your answer: the media.

Usually what those munchkins tell us is factual. Rand Paul did drop out of the race; there’s no denying that front-page story in the “mainstream” news. However, a lesser known Patricia Aiken circumvents all this silence about certain happenings in Harney County, Oregon, and shares with us in The Nationalist Times an alternate take on such political frauds as must wet a finger to the media windstream. “A full-length movie or two-week television mini-series could not contain all the corruption that has so far been revealed and continues to surface… Unfortunately, a life has been lost, good men are in solitary confinement and this will not have a happy ending in the two hours allotted by Hollywood.”

If we grunts here on today’s home front fail to join the American Defense Party’s challenge to our real enemy and otherwise put up with it, the ZOG will keep Cliven Bundy, his sons and friends locked away for the rest of that patriotic rancher’s days. It’s time to stop legitimizing those unseen manipulators whose media keep luring us into “voting,” which has only one purpose: renewing this malignant system’s license. Let’s not “bring democracy” to the whole world as planned by a few Jews calling themselves neocons who dream they might lord it over all the Nations.

“Election 2016”

If you can’t make it to that front, at least don’t backstab those of us who are fighting this killing machine’s continuance while you vote its legitimacy. Yes, it’s quite true that illiterate and illegal proles will fill the gap and supposedly “elect” some bozo who’s again in charge of nothing except a microphone while reciting his/her/its lines, but (isn’t this obvious?) such preordained outcomes are among the very little that’s still Made in USA.

Sorry track record

“They also serve who merely watch and wait,” mused our overlords via their media munchkins during both world wars, giving noncombatants a polite hint to stand aside as Little Orphan Annie’s Daddy Warbucks went about his business. It’s still the same: Believe your “representatives”; they’ll do what’s right. If not those we’ve “elected,” whom can one trust?

None of the above. Whites targeted for absorption into an obedient, stateless mass are turning that laser beam dot back on those terrorists who call us terrorists when sending their terrorists to “get” us; this is it. What’s coming, who can say? But it won’t be wearing a yarmulka or kissing Israel’s wall (to be circumspect). Turbulence then? Count on it. For, overthrowing the Zionist beast behind a government we no longer recognize will test every sinew of muscle and resolution that’s in us.

Are “our” political perverts, militarized police, troops, rampant minorities, peecee corporations and FEMA camp personnel thinking to hector us into total surrender? No, it’s they who are just following media hints about what an increasingly desperate ZOG’s false flag gambits expect from such zombies at each next step on their way to self destruction

War rooms seat the biggest cowards of all: armchair warriors who send men and drones where neither themselves nor their media munchkins would dare go. Today’s destined-to-fail hostility aims at destroying our naturally-competitive drive. It seeks to do away with sovereign Nations, assertive moves by “politically incorrect” groups or individuals and ambitions of all kinds until those collectivist central planners can feel safe about pitching their command tents wherever they please.

Constant diversion

“The Donald” scored big in that pivotal New Hampshire primary, we learned from the “mainstream” news – he was literally tearing the Establishment to shreds, verily an unprecedented Moment of Truth, one kept hearing. Would we vote to stop him, or go the other way and take our chances he’s real? Stay tuned, blared the news, for next week’s debate.

No mere munchkin, Aiken leaves others at TNT the job of exposing Trump’s Jewish connections, as she continues: “Ammon [Bundy] shared his father’s concern for the Hammond men who were being sent back to prison in an obvious case of double jeopardy. Why? Because the stipulation by the court was that they had to pay a $400,000 fine. If the fine was not paid, they would be forced to sell their ranch to the BLM. The Hammonds raised half of the money. The impossible was perhaps possible, but the feds couldn’t have their land grab botched. So back to jail the Hammonds were sentenced.”

Now hear this! Five incredible Jewish stories behind this year’s Oscars, reports Gabe Friedman of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “It’s the biggest night of the year in Hollywood, so it’s not surprising that Jews are typically well-represented among the annual list of Oscar nominations… As it happens, several… unusually triumphant, behind-the-scenes Jewish stories [are] worth celebrating…”


Patricia Aiken: “Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum, a man admired and respected by his peers and adored by his family, drove with Cliven Bundy’s eldest son Ryan to Oregon for a weekend protest. Finicum was one of the horsemen during the 2014 stand-off on the Bundy ranch in Nevada, who later became educated on the BLM and how unconstitutional their management and fees are.”

Hold it, Patricia! Most people already know about those “domestic terrorists,” for the “mainstream” convicted them right off. What?! They just wanted media coverage of the Hammonds’ double jeopardy while neither harming nor threatening anybody with legally-carried firearms? See here, if 99% of the news calls them nonetheless dangerous, isn’t it a good thing those feds moved in, took over and shut their mouths?

How would the Washington Post advise readers a week later? “Some Republicans are choosing the arsenic (Cruz) over the firing squad (Trump).” WaPo’s headline led everyone into an earthshaking story by its super-sleuthing investigative reporters: all the news that’s fit to print. Can it be that quite a few of us had never heard of these two dudes? Here it is: “As the party looks for an alternative to the front-runner, the senator from Texas must decide whether his best path is sticking to his stand against everything and anyone in Washington, or if success will require some rapprochement with the GOP establishment.” Methinks the latter, but then me is no insider, so back to Patricia Aiken on those terrorists:

Finicum quickly became the perfect complement to Ammon Bundy’s patient, soft spoken, confident demeanor before the community and press. Finicum’s own gentle, intelligent, well-reasoned speeches drew converts among ranchers and townsfolk in Oregon and surrounding States. A loving, gracious man of good humor, Finicum, father of 11 children and 19 grandchildren, didn’t stop with his own. He and his wife Jeanette were therapeutic foster parents for 12 years, rehabilitating boys who arrived at their ranch deeply troubled and who left strong, centered men.”


Enough of that sentimentality! Let’s get to some real news. The Washington Times, Founded in 1982 by Unification Church leader Sun Myung Moon, currently owned by diversified conglomerate Operations Holdings, caught the public’s attention last month with the following explosive news:

“Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, refused Sunday to rule out becoming the nominee again this year at a brokered convention, though he insisted he couldn’t imagine that happening.

“ ‘I don’t think anyone in our party should say, “Oh no, even if the people of the party wanted me to be president, I would say no to it.” No one is going to say that,’ Mr. Romney said on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press.’

“Speculation abounded that Mr. Romney was setting himself up for a surprise nomination last week when he unleashed a brutal denouncement of front-runner Donald Trump, urging voters to support anyone but the billionaire real estate mogul in upcoming primaries to force a contested convention this summer in Cleveland, Ohio.

“Mr. Romney lambasted Mr. Trump as ‘a fraud, a phony’ in a speech Thursday. ‘He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a lousy hat.’”

News as entertainment

TV weather reporters sometimes get it right but primarily need only to entertain, sports having provided for that distraction pending the weathermunchkin’s arrival. So why not confound the news, too, under a lousy hat? Explaining everything nicely in unison saves people from having to vote whether such a dissenting voice as Patricia Aiken’s can be true with, “In the early days of the takeover, longtime resident and Fire Marshal Chris Briels shook Ammon’s hand, looked him in the eye and heard his evidence against the federal government ever being able to own any land outside of their ten mile square box. When the county’s Committee of Safety was formed, Briels was nominated and elected.

“Hearing complaints about alleged militia behavior in town, Briels became suspicious and followed some militia men, eventually stopping them. Dissatisfied with their answers, he eventually found out that they were actually FBI agents impersonating militia to drive support away from the militia. Briels immediately resigned as Fire Marshal but pledged to continue to help the people of the community.”

The Blue Mountain Eagle of John Day, Oregon, headlined, “Officials say Finicum shooting justified” for the ZOG’s version: “Investigators with the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and the Harney and Malheur County District Attorneys found that the shots that killed militant LaVoy Finicum were justified and ‘necessary’…”

What really happened

Patricia Aiken: “With 60% of Harney County working for the government, it wasn’t difficult to stage protests against the Bundy militia. But the other 40% were coming around to the Refuge, were warmly welcomed, and their questions patiently answered. Ranchers began bringing food and even put on a barbecue to feed the men and women who had come to help them take their county back and secure the release of the Hammonds.

“Grainy footage with no audio was released by the FBI. It clearly shows Finicum with his arms raised. As he’s shot, his hands go instinctively to the wound on his left hip area. He points to the shooter, who turns and walks away. Gallantly he put his hands back in the air. Then, another sniper emerged from the woods and fired at Finicum from behind. Then another from the front. As Finicum lay motionless on the snow, the video reveals laser points on his head.

“[Victoria] Sharp and [Shawna] Cox said the hail of bullets continued, blowing out the windshield and side windows of the truck they were in. They were as close to the floor as they could make themselves, screaming and praying… At this writing, the truck is in the Oregon State Impound facility completely wrapped in tarps. Don’t wait for photos to be released. Or any dash cam or body cam footage.

“[FBI informant] McConnell and Sharp were released immediately. McConnell straightaway made a video claiming that he saw Finicum charge the police. Sharp goes on many radio shows refuting his claims, giving an eyewitness account.

“Cox was released on bail next. She immediately went on radio shows completely corroborating Sharp’s eyewitness report. The question that’s not answered yet is who at the Refuge allowed McConnell to join? Who agreed with McConnell for Ammon to ride in the jeep? Who failed to have McConnell properly vetted?

“The mainstream media whores… have spun the story as anti-government terrorists captured at a traffic stop. Videos documenting Ammon Bundy’s conversations with FBI agents clearly demonstrate that he pleaded with the FBI investigator to come to the Refuge and speak to them in person. They sat next to agents at church services and in meetings. No attempt was ever made to arrest them.

“On February 5th in Kanab, Utah, a town of less than 5,000, Finicum’s funeral was held. He was eulogized by his brothers and children, the consistent picture of a loving, compassionate man clearly emerging. The Bundy family were well represented in the horsemen’s procession before the hearse, a cowboy’s last ride. The media slurred the event as a ‘patriotic spectacle’ and reported 1,000 in attendance. The actual number as seen by this reporter was closer to 3,000. Finicum’s hand-built pine casket had his brand and ‘A Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom’ on the inner lid.”

Videos the FBI took from their chopper circling above and caught by the vehicle’s occupants below prove he was murdered. Oregonians intercepted those footages, so they had to be released. Finicum appears with hands held high receiving that first shot, then others. ZOG’s Ministry of Truth: “Look again; you’re seeing wrong.” How many fingers is he holding up?