White nationalism’s rise, defeat and resurrection

By Olaf Childress


Nie wieder!” swears today’s malleable brainwashed German. Never again! This as his American counterpart waits yet to discover the horrors of bombs dropping down upon civilians whose ceasefire appeals gain no hearing until every surplus blockbuster is expended. “Yes! Back into the Mideast where U. S. mercenaries kill nonplayers Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein along with other Heads of State who dare disregard Rothschild’s All-Payments Extortion!”

RAPE indeed lurks behind this drive for a cashless world currency. Many articles and books pour out momentarily from the Hasbara – “explainers” – declaring it’s an inevitability, that we’ve no alternative to such Jewish-levied international tracking as would empower their revamping at will the terms and conditions of every public move.

Lawrence Summers, President Emeritus of Harvard University and former U. S. Treasury Secretary, says in praising David Wolman’s The End Of Money: “A world with different and new money will be a different and new world. We are headed there more rapidly than most suppose. The lives of citizens and central bankers alike will be profoundly altered. This book should be read by everyone who cares, and that should be almost everyone.”

Up and running

In New Delhi, the government is rolling out its “Aadhaar Pay,” ordering people to make and receive payments by way of their “Aadhaar” numbers along with biometrics. Electronics and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad explains: “…so that people will not need to carry their phones for payments. They can visit any merchant, share their Aadhaar numbers and verify themselves using biometrics to transfer and receive money.”

Those “explainers” – who would disarm us with details suggesting the inevitability of going cashless – must suppose all goyim clueless. Devilish details, yes, but there’s still that caricature of a typical Jew rubbing his hands together circling this world like the original Sputnik satellite. To him we’ll reply: “It’s you who can’t see the forest for the trees.”

Never satisfied, ever clutching for more, once upon a time the gatherer of rags, later running his own sweatshop, then scheming with fellow parasites who “explain” their sensitivities, coveting the media to get that message right and corner the market on a single “commodity,” money, he’s thinking now to live without the feel of it entirely? Come on.

For the jury

Why have so many Nations evicted this character from among its populace over the centuries? There’s got to be an explanation here, call it racism or whatever you please, but the verdict must find either those who are at home with themselves, or the misfits in whatever country they remain strangers, guilty of self-betrayal. That the latter feel nowhere comfortable is evident from such secretiveness as Mossadniks hiding behind their patsies and front men, the surrogates whom those cowardly aliens employ in carrying out a craven motto: “Thou shalt do war by deception.”

But, wait a minute! Aren’t the deceived also culpable – of not exercising sufficient caution when accepting media munchkin “explainers” telling them that the “official” investigation following 9/11 is closed? A bunch of Muslims armed with box cutters did it, so pay no attention to those White nationalists behind the curtain and still in denial or you’re an anti-Schemetist!

Opening statement

Let’s see now. Who takes full credit for having crucified Jesus, introduced Greeks and Romans to Christianity while holding themselves apart; founded psychoanalysis which “explains” the merits of everything other against virtue, morality and integrity; plus their cleverest ploy, fractional reserve banking that enables creating and lending easy money backed by nothing but secured with real property whereby failure to repay including interest and multifaceted charges results in confiscations of true value, often involving the installation or replacement of an entire government?

Okay, much of the above is overstated – not regarding what has happened but who is publicly bragging about it. Isn’t it about time we escorted those nowhere-contented cases to their own examination couches?

For the slightly-better-than-equal status they’re seeking while explaining enforced egalitarianism to the rest of us can’t happen by purchasing “laws” against doubting the “Holocaust.” Authentic superiority in any arena, be it an IQ test, the javelin throw or historic debate, is its own proof deserving some acknowledgment but not mandating ubiquitous museums or MLK Boulevards.


The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798 and ’99, by which the legislatures in those States declared the U. S. Alien and Sedition Acts unconstitutional, argued that they had the right and duty to interpose themselves between the people and their delegated federal government if the latter overstepped its bounds. As we now see it happening anytime Congress is in session, that’s no remedy. With those higher courts nurturing central authority, it’s every man for himself. And therein an answer at last! Why not interpose ourselves, as did Martin Luther King, O. J. Simpson’s trial jury and Nelson Mandela, between what one people saw as its own interest and an occupier’s system? It won’t work for us because most Whites wear blinders? Let’s bring ’em into the light!

Our numbers, despite all the pessimism today’s media munchkins report regarding replacement levels (they also got Hillary’s chances a bit off), will suffice in the next revolution. “Democracy,” a decomposing carcass, already gives birth to many germs of secession animating Aryan nationalists, while others argue against going that route again though it’s what they’ve celebrated every July fourth. We’re not talking mere warm bodies, but White activists who will work harder to enliven their Nation when joining or creating a nearby League of the South chapter that flies its Saint Andrews black cross flag, which token of resistance says – Secede! We dare defend our rights.

The Southern Puberty Lechery Center’s bilcoxes will come infiltrating, of course, seeking to “lead the opposition” toward a constitutional convention, but we must not enter that trap. Individual State secessions, no two of their de-federalized constitutions alike, each praying for divine guidance, can lawfully rediscover its highest interest and the lately forgotten blessings of true sovereignty.

Aryan racial and typical separation is the sustainable civilization for us – a new Republic, if we can energize our people to interpose themselves against what’s not working and regenerate it.

How, you ask? By informing them, the flip side of such disinformation programs as the sinking Jewish mediacracy kicked into gear when its 1965 Watts riots aimed to “integrate” all bipeds except for those overweening lords themselves.


Here’s where you come in, reader. Don’t thumb through the phonebook introducing total strangers to The First Freedom. This newspaper is daily praying for a million hardcopy subscribers in perfect awareness that we’re asking for a miracle, as no more than one person out of a hundred would be interested in White nationalist information.

So how do we reach that target? Bow down on your knees every morning and pray with TFF. The answers – they are waiting – will come. If you’re able to meet real troopers, give each of them a paper. You have an idea, but can’t get out that much? Share it with readers. Our enemies think they’re bright, but where’s the proof offsetting so much wretchedness inflicted upon others and themselves? As virtue, morality and integrity are strange to those strangers, let us gird up and vacate their Slough of Despond.

In face-to-face conversation you do not use gratuitously-foul language, therefore why let it creep into postings online? Let’s be ourselves rather than allowing external evil to inflict its influence upon us. Those visible clowns performing in the NY-DC Axis as choreographed by a Hidden Hand whose identity remains forever elusive are habitual slaves no matter their trappings, likewise myriads of politicians, academics media munchkins, etc., wherever you look beyond the Hudson and Potomac.

What’s our excuse for parroting “their” dumb clichés pitched around about racism, egalitarianism, “his husband” and so back? That Hidden Hand’s opposite must exist, no less surely than the seasons, two poles, forward vs. reverse, et cetera ad infinitum, to which Godhead we pray daily: “Help us meet harmoniously with others dedicated to this White Nation’s increase in virtue, morality, integrity, numbers and sovereign States.”

“Racism” yes, hate never; looking after one’s own self interest accords with the world’s. We must suffer neither subversive bilcoxes nor another Nation’s aboveboard missionaries telling us how to worship or whom love. That implies calling home the White evangelist still proselytizing Asians and Africans, “saving” them from acting as they naturally do rather than imitating us. Such televised preachers aren’t alone in hoping to square the circle. “Think tanks,” various “non-profits” and tenured marxist academics likewise want all cosmopolitans equal – except for their elevated selves, of course – when determining each person’s identity along with access to the minimum daily calory count, safe drinking water and health care, thereby exploding the world’s population while pondering how to reduce it.


Everybody needs ambition. Only dumb cattle are content to be fed and cared for until slaughtered. Breadwinning jobs gave family lives security during earlier times, but in this information age which foresees robots plowing, harvesting, preparing and serving food; creating clothing, shelter or whatever, the sophist having attained such vast “wisdom” must finally come to terms with the expanse of his suddenly-realized ignorance.

The End of History, claimed Fukuyama, was upon us. Not by a long shot! Strikers who saw the steam engine threatening their livelihoods once smashed it wherever they could. Sickles in more simple non-Aryan lands gave way reluctantly to a scythe’s broader sweep. It is inevitable that some may, instead of finding new employments, turn to excuse-making, alcohol or suicide. Primitives incapable of inventing anything remarkable, when their goods-laden sleigh from a wizened old Santa Claus arrives no longer, will do sustainable development all by themselves, thank you, Dr. Marx.

And this season’s “reality” theater must indeed see its curtain fall lacking even so much as the Hidden Hand’s timely wave. That’s what you get when the public loses patience with a Hollywood having run out of talent: the seats remain empty. Their road show at Berkeley? No wonder those actors throwing missiles at the police wore masks: such poorly-scripted bit players! Here Oakland’s slimiest came pretending a pro-Trump “openly gay” speaker was not part of the same cast, so they were there to unfree his “hate speech” – until the TV cameras folded their tripods, leaving us in doubt whether both parties went partying together afterwards across the bay.

Show biz

Speaking of insults to our intelligence, why does tweety bird Trump keep chirping those one-liners from the NY-DC Axis in direct contradiction to what “his” cabinet is actually doing? Shades of Ronald Reagan and every Whore House actor in between! The calendar indicates we’ve survived not only 1984 but years beyond, yet who calls that living when brainwashed Whites give in to a plot that’s nine hundred years old? Knowing The Score – again, Rudy “Butch” Stanko’s book title – means one walks out of any show whose mind massage begins playacting as entertainment or information even if ninety-nine others remain glued to their seats.

But, give ES&S and the devil their dues, for a President Hillary Clinton would have triggered the inevitable revolution at least four years sooner. Devilishly clever, that. Except as spectators, most people want no part of a national fight and go with who or whatever appears in charge, which during [S]election 2016 was the mediacracy. How its munchkins berated “The Donald” (with kid gloves)! They gave libertards sufficient air time and column print space to yet again license the familiar American Democracy Symphony, a supposed mandate retaining the usual suspects – offstage behind their divas, of course – in authority.

Command presence

The actual challenge among those who rule is, as it always has been, between a tiny faction seeking power by deception for personal gain and another few driven conscientiously, reluctantly, prayerfully, to answer when called out because somebody must do more than grunt and salute. The heroic Vercingetorix, in what would later be France, couldn’t save his people from Rome’s invasion followed by centuries of occupation once Julius Caesar proved the sharper blitzkrieger at manipulating public apprehensions, his daring military theatrics coming across as unstoppable momentum.

This is not to belittle the Roman grunt’s courage or patriotism any more than that of a Union draftee headed southward singing, “He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored; He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword: His truth is marching on!”

Says who? The media put words into all mouths gaped before a televised diversity talking head’s: “In today’s news, Iran and Russia are again belligerently threatening Nato’s unstoppable shield stationed along both borders in what looks like those two aggressive Nations intend war, leaving an Allied preventative first strike likely the West’s sole retaliatory option.”

Hyperbole? Not with Bibi Netanyahu playacting Caesar and Congress grunting approval. Academia sings hypnotic clichés and has others waiting: “Diversity propels the economy. War is peace. Colorblindness is corrected vision. Ignorance is strength. First 100 Days. Freedom is slavery.”

Pray for these “alternate” websites, talk shows, newspapers and our White Nation in general. God help us.